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Dr Hayssam Mroue Ambassador Of Peace Kuwait

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Dr Haysam Mroue an experienced and great professional in the Arabic Golf, highly motivated business professional, with success in management of companies with outstanding interpersonal and staff management.

A capable organizer, quick to grasp, and make good use of new ideas and information.
Enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team- leading them to exceed targets and objectives.


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Vitor Franco Grão Mestre da Ordem Civil e Militar dos Cavaleiros do Templo é Embaixador da Paz

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Jacques DeMolay nasceu na cidade de Vitrey na França no ano de 1244 e já aos 21 anos, DeMolay se juntou a Ordem dos Cavaleiros Templários.
Também chamada de Ordem dos Pobres Cavaleiros de Cristo e do Templo de Salomão , esta ordem foi fundada em 12 de junho de 1118 em Jerusalém pôr Hugo de Payens, Cavaleiro de Burgúndia e Godofredo de Sain t' Omer.


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Axil Kollist Youth Ambassador of Peace

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Axil Kollist Parlament of World Peace and Security has long been following his work and ideal for Peace Campaign for World Peace Before 2021.
The Council of the Parliament after reviewing his work has the honor of conferring the title of Ambassador of Peace in parliament representing the young people to add their idea with you in this arduous struggle of Peace
We pride ourselves in telo as Youth Ambassador of Peace
That in the present and future descendants to know that you were part of the history of his own nation.


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Presidente do Parlamento e TJAM foi Hoje indicado pela AUGP Ministro Plenipotenciario

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O Presidente do TJAM e do Parlamento Mundial de Segurança e Paz www.parlamentworld.org foi hoje indicado pelo Conselho Mundial da Academy Of Universal Global Peace presidida pelo Dr. Mandhu da India Patriarca e Ministro Plenipotenciario para o Brasil  pelos relevantes serviços humanitários prestados a humanidade.

 The President of the Parliament and TJAM World Peace and Security www.parlamentworld.org was stated today by the World Council of Global Academy Of Universal Peace led by Dr. Mandhu Patriarch of India and Minister Plenipotentiary to Brazil by the relevant humanitarian services rendered to humanity .


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Embaixadores do Parlamento Dr Madhu Krishan e Fredermán Zapata Cardona

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H.E. Dr Madhu Krishan ( WPO Ambassador Of Peace - India ) and Chairman of AUGP ( Academy Of Universal Global Peace - India ) In a recent visit in the U.S - NY City. with the WPO Ambassador of Peace H.E. Dr. Fredermán Zapata Cardona, this meeting was held in New Jersey City.

Among many issues the two Ambassadors have exchanged humanitarian experiences, now is born a strong alliance between the United States and India.


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Some men are born predestined to serve the humanity even if his life is endangered to safeguard the life of his neighbor, many choose a certain career, others are pre-destined by God, is the case of Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Guardian of frontier in America, has done many enemies throughout his works for justice, like dismantling the drug cartels in America, besides defender of society, today Mr. Paul Babeu violently fighting the traffic in human beings the most heinous of crimes against humanity.


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Ms. Jackie Kara from  Los Angeles was named today as a nominee of the Peace Ambassador by the President of Parlament.
The Singer will be brightening the  music concert and meeting of the Peace held by IHRC Headquarter in Dubai.
Congratulations Jackie well in her Embassy of Peace
The IHRC Headquarter: (Message of the IHRC - Chairman Dr. Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan) - Dear Celso Dias, Congratulations for Jackie in her Embassy of Peace, we assuring you That IHRC Ambassador Jackie Kara's in justice will not only with this honor, she will spread the message of love and peace and respect for human rights all over the world through her ​​voice. She know very well how much one person can Suffer when facing pain of injustice.

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Walkiria de Almeida Embaixadora da Paz

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Walkiria de Almeida árdua defensora de inúmeras causas no mundo virtual em especial no facebook, foi agraciada pelo parlamento como Embaixadora da Paz, função esta dentro do parlamento que lhe abrira muitas portas na luta pelas suas causas voltadas aos direitos humanos.



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