Mohammed Abed Mahram Al-Hamadani Minister Plenipotenciary Iraq.

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 Mr.. Mohamed al-Hamdani, Director-General of National human right in Iraq, and peace ambassador, was appointed as ambassador of world parlament of Security And  Peace. Ambassador ask Brothers peace ambassadors in the world to stand with us to help the Iraqis to see the situation continuing human rights violations on the ground Iraq


Completion of the study in Mosul, Faculty of Civil Engineering

I worked in the mandatory military service

I was working in the CEO (GEG) for decoration and advertising of the year 1997-2001

Director of Nineveh work branch - the National Center for Peace for Human Rights since 2003 and until 2010

The distribution of relief assistance in emergency situations when entering the coalition forces in Iraq, in Mosul in 2003

Youth development experiences for professional development for the years 2005 - 2009 sessions

Courses in first aid for girls for many years with the support of companies and traders

The defense of the innocent detainees who did not have the price of a lawyer

Deputy editor of the Iraqi newspaper Truth

After 2010, the Director General of the National Center for Peace for Human Rights - Iraq

Work and do the big activities that we have in the supplementary courses for those working in the field of human rights

Of course anti-corruption for workers in the organization and the importance of working to fight corruption

Delivery, especially those who are in dire need in the internally displaced persons and refugees aid camps

Follow-up camps for the displaced, which is to open their homes in northern Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon

Date 04/05/2015 ambassador of world peace in Iraq from the world ambassadors circle in Switzerland - France


13.4.2015 Date of President of the Union of Writers and poets in the world Iraq

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