Sir UN Secretary General Ban Ki. Moon - New York. URGENT!

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UN Secretary General
Ban Ki. Moon - New York.

Mr. Secretary,
Celso Dias Neves President of the Parliament of World Peace and Security resident in the Federative Republic of Brazil in the 18th Street Block 23 Lot 09 of Emerald Condo Goiania Goias, come very respectfully to the presence of Your Excellency to expose and require the following:

We are in the process of accreditation with the UN through ESANGO, is that only the password and I dwell Former Secretary General of the World Parliament of Peace and Security Angelo Lins de Oliveira Mello "exonerated of this parliament" as link meteria www.parlamentworld on our site. org link I held that only occurs PASSWORD, changed the system of ESANGO after the dismissal of Lord Angelo Mello and violated the security system that I believe to be the highest level and occurrence as this endangers the entire computer system of the UN itself, putting in risk not only the UN Security throughout the World as constituting such an occurrence as a supported COMPUTER CRIME criminal Laws by International Law.
Who helped us fill in some details missing on the page was ESANGO and Peace Ambassador Mohamed Bahoumi IHRO of Buenos Aires, after the dismissal of Lord Angelo Mello, but the IP of the computer know which country of origin "invaded the system."
Sending the mirror one of the two records of Goiania Goias legitimate parliament the first and second amended to address SYRIA, where we entered a lawsuit in the ICC INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT Bashad against Syrian President Assad as you can see the link in the Parliament:
This invasion of the computer system we know will be easy to identify the author of this adulteration in our records due to IP EACH COMPUTER MUST HAVE THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED NATIONS IN THE PROCESS OF LAW ABOUT FEATHERS invaded SYSTEM SECURITY ESANGO / UN.
Authorize our Vice President residing in New York FREDERMAN ZAPATA CARDONA to look after the details that may be needed if there is any doubt.
Also ask that our database is reactivated original image number one, replacing the registration made by invasion of the UN system to Syria that this register has no validity at all, made to tarnish the image of parliament.
These terms.
P, Grant.

Celso Dias Neves  World President
World Parlament Of Security And Peace
Rua 18 Quadra 23 Lote 09 Condominio das Esmeraldas Goiania Goiás Brasil


Excelentíssimos Senhores
O Parlamento Mundial de Segurança e Paz vem respeitosamente a presença de Vossas Excelências através do nosso Vice Presidente Frederman Zapata Cardona solicitar que seja retirada do ar por fraude violação de propriedade intelectual e com base na Lei de domínios públicos (internet)  a pagina do Parlamento direcionada a Síria.
Os documentos jurídicos levados co Conhecimento do Secretário Geral da ONU comprovam que nosso parlamento foi fraudado perante ESANGO com o registro de duplicidade da referida pagina na busca onde ao digitar WPO invés de sair pagina da Sede do Parlamento No Brasil sai a da Síria.
As fotos nos levam a crer que maldosamente os elementos integrantes do Parlamento no Oriente Médio jogaram no ar a referida pagina por divergências que vem ocorrendo com fato do Parlamento não apoiar o Presidente Bashar Assad da Síria.
As fotos em anexo mais os documentos do parlamento em e-mail enviado ao Secretario Geral da ONU comprovam que somos o verdadeiro Parlamento juridicamente registrado no Brasil e não este da Síria que nem sabemos  se possui registro jurídico.
Nossos agradecimentos ao Excelentíssimo Senhor  Mr. Felipe Queipo Public Information Assistant NGO . RELATIONS ONU NEW YORK U.S.A.

Nestes termos.
P. Deferimento
Celso Dias Neves
Presidente Parlamento
Mr. Felipe Queipo Public Information Assistant NGO . RELATIONS

The World Parliament of Peace and Security is respectfully the presence of your Excellencies by our Vice President Frederman Cardona Zapata request to be removed from the air for fraud and violation of intellectual property law based on public domain (internet) page of the Parliament directed Syria.
The legal documents taken co Knowledge of the UN Secretary General show that our parliament was rigged before ESANGO with the record of duplicity of this page where you type in the search WPO page instead of going out of Parliament House in Brazil out of Syria.
The pictures lead us to believe that the elements maliciously members of Parliament in the Middle East played in the air at that page that has occurred because of disagreements with the fact that Parliament did not support President Bashar Assad of Syria.
The photos attached more documents of parliament in an email sent to UN Secretary-General show that we are the real Parliament legally registered in Brazil and not that of Syria that we do not know if you have a legal status.
Our thanks to His Excellency Mr. Felipe Queipo Assistant Public Information NGO. UN RELATIONS NEW YORK U.S.A.

These terms.
P. deferment
Celso Dias Neves
Parliament President
Mr. Felipe Queipo Assistant Public Information NGO. RELATIONS


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